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Watch Jamie Rahn take on Stage One without shoes

Shoes. Who needs ‘em?

David Becker/NBC

Spoiler Alert! Full run from night one of the National Finals.

LEAK: Jamie Rahn - American Ninja Warrior

Nothing keeps Jamie Rahn Ninja Warrior from hitting a buzzer, not even losing a shoe. Vegas Finals begin MONDAY 8/7c on NBC.

Posted by Ninja Warrior on Friday, August 24, 2018

Anything can happen on the American Ninja Warrior course. ANYTHING. As a veteran competitor, Jamie Rahn knows this well. He knows never to underestimate an obstacle. He knows the course can shock you at any moment.

He probably didn’t think he’d be running Stage One of the National Finals barefoot.

As Jamie charged into the Propeller Bar, the trampoline somehow sucked his shoe off. Left with no options, Jamie had to make the best of it. So he yanked off his other shoe and sock and gave it a go.

You have to watch the video the above to find out just how far Jamie made it with his toes in the breeze!

Night one of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals airs Monday, August 27 at 8/7c on NBC.