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Watch Tyra Banks try to get through a blind date with Matt Iseman

We don’t think there was a second date.

Ugh. Dating. UGH. BLIND DATES.

It’s never easy. Usually awkward. No one is immune to it, even super model Tyra Banks, who’s also a host on America’s Got Talent. With a little romantic help from Simon Cowell, Tyra went on a string of blind dates. Amongst the gems she was presented with was a familiar mug.

Hi there, Matt Iseman, host of American Ninja Warrior!

Tyra, upon learning Matt is a doctor. (Yes, he actually is.)

Then... he asked to see her feet.

Then... he called her uptight.

We concur, Tyra.


Maybe it would have gone better if he’d narrated her every move like an American Ninja Warrior run...