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Sara Heesen had an army of fans cheering her on


Sara Heesen ran the American Ninja Warrior Minneapolis City Finals course in front of a hometown crowd. Season 10 is Sara’s second year on the show and she was hoping for a repeat of season nine, where she qualified for the National Finals.

During the Minneapolis Qualifiers, Sara fell on the Ring Jump. The City Finals course swapped that out for the Sky Hooks.

Take a look at the audience. It was bursting with Sara-fans!

And let’s give some props to the supportive bacon. (That should be a hashtag, #SupportiveBacon.)

Sara looked ferocious on the course. She glared down each obstacle.

Her arms gave out on the second part of the Battering Ram.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t far enough to push Sara into the National Finals. But with that many people supporting here, there’s no way Sara is giving up her Ninja Warrior pursuits!