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Lance Pekus is enjoying a ‘rejuvenated’ season

He’s at ease on the course, knowing Heather is there to support him.

Lance Pekus is heading back to the American Ninja Warrior National Finals for the second year in a row. The Cowboy Ninja is no stranger to the pressures of Las Vegas. This will make his fifth trip to the final four stages.

During that time, Lance and his family were dealing with his wife Heather’s multiple sclerosis. It was something the family kept to themselves for a long time. They finally shared the information publicly during season nine’s National Finals. Lance told us earlier this year that it was a huge decision for them.

“The prior two seasons, it was almost a mental burden, keeping that secret. My wife wasn’t on the sidelines with me at all last year. We didn’t really tell anyone until Vegas. So now that that’s released, I feel rejuvenated coming into this season. I’m really excited for what I can potentially do.”

Lance completed the Minneapolis Qualifying course and returned to the City Finals with a strong run. All the while, an excited Heather got to watch in person from the sidelines.

Lance didn’t have any issues reaching the back half of the course, or taking on the Salmon Ladder.

The Hinge was a new obstacle. It took Lance a few shimmies to get the first board to rotate around, but once that was done, he was able to get through the obstacle fairly quickly.

He looked relieved to be a the ninth obstacle: The Iron Maiden.

Lance was working on the descent of the third panel when one of the handles rotated. This caused Lance’s hand to drop, and the momentum pulled his other hand off as well.

His run ended there. But it won’t stop him from heading back to Vegas. Hopefully Heather will be there again to cheer him on! The American Ninja Warrior National Finals begin on August 27.