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Joe Moravsky on City Finals: ‘I want to finish the whole stinking course’

He did NOT want a repeat of season eight.

In Joe Moravsky’s five previous seasons on American Ninja Warrior, he’s only tasted defeat at the hands of a City Finals course once. Back in Philadelphia during season eight, no one summited the final climb. As Joe told us at the start of the season, he hasn’t forgotten that feeling.

“I don’t want to have a repeat of Philly two years ago. I want to finish the whole stinking course. I’m still a little salty about season eight. But I’ve said all along, all these years, one obstacle at a time. One course at a time.”

That wasn’t the only thing Joe was thinking about on the Minneapolis City Finals course. He was also still a bit bitter about missing the $10k at the top of the Mega Wall by a hair’s breadth.

Even with pausing to play with the Mega Wall, by the time Joe reached the Salmon Ladder, he was in great shape to put up the fastest time.

The Hinge was a new obstacle. Joe quickly handled both the twisting leaps it required.

The Iron Maiden dropped talented Ninjas all night long. Joe definitely didn’t rush himself here and made sure that each handle was firmly placed before trying to reach the next peg.

The doors on the Spider Trap did look like work for the Weatherman, but they did not hold him back.

This made City Finals buzzer number five for Joe, as well as guaranteed his sixth trip to the National Finals.

You know the course is tough when even Joe Moravsky looks tired after it. Joe’s completion time of 5:02.30 ended up netting him second place for the evening.

So Joe avoided his fear of letting the course get the best of him. He’ll advance on to the National Finals. Joe also has four trips to Stage Three under his belt. In the coming weeks, he could make that number five as well!