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Minneapolis City Finals: Full results and all competitors

The Iron Maiden lived up to its reputation as a torture device.

Adam Bettcher/NBC

The American Ninja Warrior Minneapolis City Finals had five finishers overall, a pretty good turn out. The course featured a new obstacle, The Hinge, that took out four Ninjas. But the big roadblock for the night was a returning obstacle, the Iron Maiden. It took out 11 competitors including Lance Pekus and Meagan Martin.

Here’s how the falls happened.

  • Course completions: 5
  • Falls on Archer Steps: 1
  • Falls on Double Twister: 1
  • Falls on Sky Hooks: 3
  • Falls on Diamond Dash: 2
  • Falls on Battering Ram: 4
  • Fails at Warped Wall: 1
  • Falls on Salmon Ladder: 1
  • Falls on The Hinge: 4
  • Falls on Iron Maiden: 11
  • Falls on Spider Trap: 0

Read a recap of the episode here.

Here you can find a list of the Ninjas moving on to the National Finals.

Adam Bettcher/NBC

Here are all the competitors, and where they completed their runs

Please note: These are unofficial results based on witnessing the competition first hand. If you think I’ve miss-recorded something, let me know in the comments! Additionally, names are organized by obstacle and listed in no particular order beyond that.

  • Justin Cranmer: Archer Steps
  • Jaysen Saly: Double Twister
  • Roo Yori: Sky Hooks
  • Sarah Schoback: Sky Hooks
  • Dan Delano: Sky Hooks
  • James Gomez: Diamond Dash
  • Ben Antoine: Diamond Dash
  • Sara Heesen: Battering Ram
  • Garrett Lam: Battering Ram
  • Jelani Allen: Battering Ram
  • Jamie Ross: Battering Ram
  • Abby Clark: Warped Wall
  • Leif Sundberg: Salmon Ladder
  • Julius Ferguson: The Hinge
  • Michael Silenzi: The Hinge
  • Dalton Knapp: The Hinge
  • Michael Torres: The Hinge
  • Danny Bergstrom: Iron Maiden
  • Sean Darling-Hammond: Iron Maiden
  • Drew Knapp: Iron Maiden
  • Karson Voiles: Iron Maiden
  • Hunter Guerard: Iron Maiden
  • Austin Gray: Iron Maiden
  • Tyler Gillett: Iron Maiden
  • Lance Pekus: Iron Maiden
  • Meagan Martin: Iron Maiden
  • Mike Meyers: Iron Maiden
  • Eric Middleton: Iron Maiden
  • Joe Moravsky: Complete
  • Jonathan Stevens: Complete
  • Jake Murray: Complete
  • Ian Dory: Complete
  • Jon Alexis Jr.: Complete