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McKinley Pierce appreciated every moment on the course

She applied her learnings from the Qualifiers to her next run.

During the American Ninja Warrior Philadelphia Qualifiers, McKinley Pierce put a good run to the Wingnuts. Her performance earned her a place in the top five women and another shot at the course in the City Finals.

When McKinley had her second chance, she wasn’t going to take a single moment of it for granted.

Starting with the Archer Steps, after each obstacle, McKinley gathered her thoughts and took in what was happening.

She was exuberant after the Spinning Bowties.

McKinley had great form on the Broken Bridge, never a sure thing for any competitor.

So she breathed a well-deserved sigh of relief afterwards.

Back at the Wingnuts once more, she put her all into the jumps. They’re weren’t super clean. McKinley had to pull off a couple one-handed saves that had her family gasping.

But she was able to progress past the obstacle that had previously ended her run. Approaching the Lightning Bolts, McKinley looked a little trepidatious of the trampoline and made sure she lined up her jump.

In the end thought, she ended up with a flat bounce from the tramp, which didn’t get her high enough to grab the bar.

McKinley may be out for the season but she packed a lot of learning into her two runs. We hope to see her back next year!