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After all that Ninja Warrior success, Allyssa Beird still says, ‘I’m a teacher first’

Her goal is to get back to Stage Two.

Allyssa Beird is quietly factual about all the history she’s made on American Ninja Warrior. When she became only the second woman to clear Stage One of the National Finals in season nine, she matter-of-factly told the camera, “That’s what I came here to do.”

That seems to be her approach to all her runs. She accomplishes obstacles in a thoughtful way that earns her accolades over and over again. In her rookie year (that also took place in Philadelphia) she was one of the Fantastic Four women who qualified for the City Finals. In season nine, she was the first woman of the season to hit the Qualifying buzzer and then qualified for the National Finals, were she truly showed her capabilities. She ended up falling on the Cross Cross Salmon Ladder of Stage Two.

In season 10, the fifth grade teacher was applying the lessons of her training once again. She completed the Philadelphia Qualifying course and looked to become the second woman ever to hit a City Finals buzzer. In the end, a fight with the Captain’s Wheel prevented that goal this year. However, Allyssa was still back into the National Finals and will take on Stage One again.

Allyssa chatted with us over her season about what she wants out of this year and how she’s staying level-headed during the phenom of Ninja Warrior.

Bill McCay/NBC

“This season I’m feeling really good. I really want a City Finals buzzer. That’s top on my goal list. Followed by Stage Two. Because it really stinks to go down on one of your favorite obstacles. I’d like some redemption there.

I haven’t quite reached all my goals yet. But I still have Vegas to reach the ones I still have set for myself.”

“I kept my training pretty much the same from last year. I worked it out pretty well where I do leg day, I get to the gym a couple times. I go to a non-Ninja gym once a week. I’ll climb somewhere in there. Just getting in that good cross training and that cardio stuff.

I’ve been trying to visualize my runs a little bit better. Working through understanding my physical abilities to then mentally figure out what I can and cannot do on obstacles. The best route to take.

In the City Finals, I remember visualizing every obstacle really clearly. And on the Captain’s Wheel, I didn’t quite visualize that movement by movement. That’s what took me out.”

“Goal setting is probably the biggest part that’s been impacted (by Ninja Warrior). I’ve always been goal oriented. I love a challenge. But you have to work hard for things on Ninja. You’re not going to just wake up one morning, go to the gym and be able to do something you couldn’t do yesterday without having to work for it. Having that example to use, both in my own life and with my students, it blends my two worlds pretty well.”

“Work is still my main priority. I’m a teacher first. And the kids are over the main excitement of it. I give homework on Fridays. I get a lot of messages from people talking about how I inspire them, or it’s cool that I keep a schedule where I teach full time and train.

It’s a weird feeling. I’ve always done things mostly for myself, with the support of my family. It’s cool that continuing to do what I enjoy doing in my own life, that I can reach people that I’ve never met before.”

“It feels good to be back at the National Finals. I have some goals set for myself this year for sure. I’m on my way to get those goals. I know there’s always going to be changes on the course. You take it one obstacle at a time. You approach it with the same manner. Hopefully that will get me through.

I’m hoping to hit a buzzer. That’s my goal. I’m feeling really good about it. I don’t want to say I expect anything, because anything can happen, but that’s what I’ve prepared for. That’s how I’ve set myself up for success.”

The American Ninja Warrior National Finals kicks off on August 27. We’ll find out then if Allyssa can get back to Stage Two.