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Watch Najee Richardson earn his first City Finals buzzer

It’s about time!

When hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila reminded us that Najee Richardson had never completed a City Finals course before, we were a little shocked that we’d forgotten that fact. Season 10 is Najee’s fourth year on the show. He went from an early exit in season seven, to a breakout star in season eight.

During season nine, he was one of only three Ninjas to make it to Stage Three of the National Finals. Season 10, he was back on his home turf in Philly. In Qualifiers, he completed the course and beat the Mega Wall. But after all his fantastic runs, he still had never reached the buzzer on a City Finals course. Najee has now put that goal to bed.

Najee’s dismount from the Spinning Bowties tossed him OVER the landing mats and almost on the Broken Bridge.

The Lightning Bolts first appeared in Qualifying, but they were still a Ninja killer in the City Finals. Najee had the strength to move through them with precision.

On the Salmon Ladder, he used a backwards technique to swap up with muscles he was using.

The Captain’s Wheel was the brutal new eighth obstacle. Najee went into it with a plan and got through as fast as he could.

Najee used another impressive dismount on the Spinball Wizard. He kicked the last set of handles out of his way and lachéd past them.

We did get a little worried for him on the Spider Trap. As Najee neared the top, it looked like a way of exhaustion swept over him.

But he still pulled out the finish. Najee hit the buzzer and took home his first City Finalist badge.

Now, Najee will move on to the Nation Finals to chase his goal of getting back to Stage Three and beyond.