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Chris Wilczewski’s epic comeback continues

He earned the fastest finish in both the Philadelphia Qualifiers and City Finals.

Chris Wilczewski is having a downright magical eighth season on American Ninja Warrior. But it’s not luck that’s given him the fastest finishing times in both the Philadelphia Qualifiers and City Finals, it’s years of mental and physical work. After a near-death experience, Chris took season nine off. He’s returned in a mindset we haven’t seen him in before, marching between the obstacles with no rest and dominating the course. We can’t forget that he also was one of the few Ninjas to defeat the Mega Wall.

Just before he absolutely took apart the City Finals course, we touched base with Chris to see how he was feeling that night.

“I was really anxious before I got up there (Qualifiers). I felt like it was a lot of work to get here compared to last year, given what happened to me last year. It was a lot just getting to the starting line, so the nerves and anxiety were really there.”

“Once I got on the course, I felt right at home. Everything felt good. I was able to zone everything else out and start doing what I love doing.”

“I really never felt fully comfortable on the Lightning Bolts. I felt like at any moment I could have slipped off of it. It’s a really tricky one. Definitely a lot of technique there.”

“I think the Mega Wall is my new favorite all-time ANW moment for myself. I felt like I just started screaming and running and it ended up working. I knew I was going to give it a shot, but I never thought I was actually going to get it. It was probably the most shocked I’ve ever been on the show.”

“I’m feeling good (about City Finals). It’s a doable course. You’ve just got to respect it all the way through and not make any silly mistakes.”

Well, we can say for sure that Chris pulled off that plan. His City Finals run was flawless. Chris is off to the National Finals to see what the season holds for him next.