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Isaac Caldiero will not be making a return to Mount Midoriyama this season

He fell early on Block Run in Indianapolis

Isaac Caldiero returned to American Ninja Warrior with a LOT to live up to. In season seven, Isaac snagged the $1 million prize and the title of the show’s first champion. He essentially rode off into the sunset after that, disappearing from the public eye for seasons eight and nine. His comeback for season 10 was met with fevered fascination.

Isaac himself planned on hitting all six buzzers this season. Things started out strong with a course completion in the Indianapolis Qualifiers. In the City Finals however, viewers, Ninjas, and Isaac were all in for a surprise.

Isaac was strong on the first few obstacles. He barely touched the last of the Fly Wheels.

The Wheel Flip played right into his strengths as a rock climber.

Isaac paused before Block Run. To us, he looked a little nervous.

And in one of the most shocking moments of the season, Isaac fell on the obstacle.

He had used a slightly different pattern of steps from his run in Qualifying and it did not work in his favor.

The exit was early enough that not only was Isaac not going to get his buzzer, he was also not going to advance to the National Finals.

It was a frustrating ended for all involved. Balance obstacles are always an unreliable gamble. We’d rather have seen Isaac push himself to his full potential than trip up on something like this. We’ll see if the champion tries again next season!