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Ryan Stratis was the first to clear the Miami City Finals course

He was also one of only three Ninjas to reach the buzzer.

Ryan Stratis is one of a small group of Ninjas who’ve competed on every season of American Ninja Warrior. In that time, Ryan has advanced beyond the City Finals (including being sent to Japan in season three) six times. He’s also finished a City Finals course three times, the last being Miami in season six.

Ryan can now adjust those numbers. Season 10 includes his seventh trip to the National Finals, and his fourth completion of a City Finals course.

The front portion of the course was a breeze for Ryan. He’d already completed it in the Qualifiers, including the Mega Wall.

Ryan stayed even on the Salmon Ladder.

He then faced the new Crazy Clocks. At this point in the evening, no other Ninja had passed the obstacle. Ryan was the first to navigate the tricky middle section get out of there safely.

Ryan took a moment before starting the Stair Hopper. He knew better than to mess around with the obstacle. It’s the same one that ended his Philadelphia City Finals run in season eight.

But by using that experience, plus a careful and steady strategy, Ryan was able to put that obstacle behind him.

He dug deep on the Spider Trap. Those doors are 50 pounds each. Towards the top, it was clear Ryan was using all his strength to close out the course.

Hitting the buzzer left Ryan in the number three position overall for the night. It was also the next step in what’s turning out to be a pretty incredible tenth season for the Ninja.