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Australian Ninja Warrior Olivia Vivian backflips up the Warped Wall

Watch her full fun.

Australian Ninja Warrior fans were in for a surprise when Ninja Olivia Vivian reached the Warped Wall. On last season’s show, she missed the buzzer after three failed attempts on the wall. This year, she’s the first woman up the Warped Wall for the season, and she did it with style.

Olivia pulled off a backflip over the edge! She was inspired to learn the move after a certain American Ninja Warrior pulled it off.

Speaking to News.Coms.Au, Olivia said:

“There’s an American Ninja Warrior called Jake Murray, he’s done the backflip and I thought to myself, I want to be the first girl to do a backflip up the wall,” Vivian said.

“Once I could consistently make it up the wall in training, I had a crack at the backflip. It’s the most scary, unnatural movement.”

Vivian said she’d only pulled off the move successfully a “couple of times” before she attempted it on the show, but she wanted to do something “speccy” after failing to make it up the wall three times in season one.”

Olivia might be a competitor on Australian Ninja Warrior, but she’s definitely a part of the international Ninja family. She’s one of the Wolfpack Ninjas, and currently is the National Ninja League champion in the women’s division, where she became the first woman to clear stage one of their finals.

She also pulled off this inventive move with Jessie Graff...