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Miami City Finals: Full results and all competitors

32 competitors stepped up to the course. 3 reached the buzzer.

Jason Koerner/NBC

The American Ninja Warrior Miami City Finals were all about the old and the new. Old being the return of Cannonball Drop, an obstacle that looked simple enough, but sent 10 Ninjas home on only the second obstacle. And new being the Crazy Clocks, the position eight obstacle that stopped nine Ninjas in their tracks.

In total, 32 Ninjas attempted the course. Three were able to hit the buzzer. Here’s how it broke down.

  • Completions: 3
  • Falls on Archer Steps: 0
  • Falls on Cannonball Drop: 10
  • Falls on Razor’s Edge: 1
  • Falls on Ring Turn: 1
  • Falls on Slippery Summit: 4
  • Fails at Warped Wall: 0
  • Falls on Salmon Ladder: 2
  • Falls on Crazy Clocks: 9
  • Falls on Stair Hopper: 2
  • Falls on Spider Trap: 0

Read a recap of the episode here.

Here you can find a list of the Ninjas moving on to the National Finals.

Jason Koerner/NBC

Here are all the competitors, and where they completed their runs

Please note: These are unofficial results based on witnessing the competition first hand. If you think I’ve miss-recorded something, let me know in the comments! Additionally, names are organized by obstacle and listed in no particular order beyond that.

  • Devin Harrelson: Cannonball Drop
  • Nico Long: Cannonball Drop
  • Jordan Brown: Cannonball Drop
  • Jessica Clayton: Cannonball Drop
  • Greg Manders: Cannonball Drop
  • Jason Bergstrom: Cannonball Drop
  • Eli Bell: Cannonball Drop
  • Lindsay Eskildsen: Cannonball Drop
  • Kevin Carbone: Cannonball Drop
  • Eddy Stewart: Cannonball Drop
  • Scott Reuter: Razor’s Edge
  • Morgan Wright: Ring Turn
  • Emily Durham: Slippery Summit
  • Oscar Ramirez: Slippery Summit
  • Ethan Surprenant: Slippery Summit
  • Doug Legg: Slippery Summit
  • Calle Alexander: Salmon Ladder
  • Reko Rivera: Salmon Ladder
  • Michael Johnson: Crazy Clocks
  • Casey Suchocki: Crazy Clocks
  • Drew Hendry: Crazy Clocks
  • R.J. Roman: Crazy Clocks
  • Todd Bourgeois: Crazy Clocks
  • Rachael Goldstein: Crazy Clocks
  • Bootie Cothran: Crazy Clocks
  • Nick Patel: Crazy Clocks
  • Neil Craver: Crazy Clocks
  • Drew Drechsel: Stair Hopper
  • Jessie Graff: Stair Hopper
  • Ryan Stratis: Complete
  • Brett Sims: Complete
  • Kenny Niemitalo: Complete