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This Ninja literally set HIMSELF on fire for his submission video

Don’t try this. Just don’t.

Creating an application video for American Ninja Warrior is a big deal. You have to find a way to stand out amongst tens of thousands of submissions. This struggle is even known by the long time veterans. Every Ninja has to re-apply each year and be selected by the casting department.

Reko Rivera has competed on America Ninja Warrior since season four. We most recently saw him at the Miami Qualifiers of season 10. He fell on the Slippery Summit but is advancing to the City Finals. (Also, in case you didn’t know, Reko was THE T-Rex from that video in season eight.)

When Reko decided to make an application video for season 10, he definitely decided to leave a lasting impression. To be perfectly blunt, he set himself on fire. It’s very cool to watch and also a slight bit terrifying.

Ninja Warrior on Fire!!!

Ninja Warrior On Fire!!! Had a blast filming this with my amazing team!!! Thank you to all of those involved for making my vision come to life! Time to do it on the real course! Director - Reko Rivera Director of Photography - Ryan Bodie Camera Operator - Joshua Laemmle Editor - Christina Paul Location - Evo Athletics Set Design - Jungle Gym & Jubilee Gymnastics Stunt Safety Coordinator - Craig Clark Stunt Coordinator - Chris Hadley Special thanks to Dan Reid Kyle Lawton Jason Bergstrom Mary Beth Wang Jay Wolf Doug Ryder Sharma Shari Michael Cruz Song - Drowning by Excision Wolfpack Ninjas Jungle Gym Jubilee Gymnastics EVO Athletics SASUKE (TBSテレビ) American Ninja Warrior Nation Ninja Warrior

Posted by Reko Rivera on Thursday, May 24, 2018

Disclaimer: In case anyone looked at this and was like, “Hey, that seems like an awesome idea...” Don’t. Just don’t. We do not recommend that Ninjas set themselves on fire. Reko worked with professionals and created this in a very controlled environment. We repeat: DON’T. SET. YOURSELF. ON. FIRE.