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Geoff Britten wants to create 1 million heroes with new Ninja Nation

He’s working with Ninjas like Jamie Rahn and Ryan Stratis to encourage kids all over the country to believe in themselves.

Ninja Nation/Instagram

Thanks in part to the popularity of Ninja-style gyms around the country, the talent level on American Ninja Warrior goes up with every season. This is especially true for young Ninjas, who get access to obstacles and equipment that simply didn’t exist a few years ago.

Now, a group of well-known American Ninja Warriors plan to make sure this continues. Geoff Britten (the first Ninja to complete all four stages of the National Finals) and Brian Arnold, along with Jamie Rahn, Karsten Williams, and Ryan Stratis are just part of the new Ninja Nation Team.

Geoff shared with us, “I have partnered with some great guys and started what will be the first truly national ninja gyms. We are really trying to bring access to kids everywhere, and bringing in a lot of the best ninjas to do it.”

“Brian Arnold is running our mobile unit, and has done over 50 events locally and is opening a mobile unit in Texas as well. We are setting up a large 4th of July event in Texas this weekend with over 80k people expected to attend. We have done events that size and down to pro bono Boys and Girls Clubs after school events.”

More than just gyms and events, Ninja Nation has a mission of creating “one million heroes.” In the words of Ninja Nation, “That’s one million kids and adults pushing their minds and bodies to limits they never thought possible in our arenas.”

To help encourage students to push themselves and reach for new goals, Ninja Nation has introduced an achievement system that allows user to unlock points and accomplishments.

“Our achievement system is really cool. We are opening with over 200 possible achievements, each with dedicated point values. Points are used for leaderboards and leveling up students bands. We have wristbands with RFID chips in them that are used to track achievements - and also to tag videos that are automatically created as you do certain obstacles. It’s really neat. We have cameras all over the arena that film obstacles, and you can swipe your wristband at a TV and watch immediately - or go home and log into our website and watch/share there as well.”

Come checkout the new Ninja gym in CO! Design by @geoffbritten

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The first Ninja Nation location in Lafayette, CO, opened on June 30th to a huge crowd. Two more locations are planned in the coming months. Englewood, CO will open in August and Frisco, TX in September.

Holy moly! Full house at the @oneninjanation grand opening!

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All that work looks to be enough to tire out even Geoff Britten, who said, “Our goal is to be a modern ninja gym where parents feel safe leaving kids - and where kids can be their own heroes.”

You can find more information on Ninja Nation here.