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Watch Drew Drechsel’s Miami City Finals run

Can he get back to the buzzer?

SPOILER ALERT: This is a full run from Monday, July 30’s episode of American Ninja Warrior.

LEAK: Drew Dreschel - American Ninja Warrior

SPOILER ALERT: Full run from Monday's episode. Can Drew Drechsel make it back to the National Finals on this TOUGH course? The Miami City Finals air MONDAY 8/7c on NBC.

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Friday, July 27, 2018

Eight-time American Ninja Warrior veteran Drew Drechsel is no stranger to the City Finals. He’s made it to the extended course every season he’s been on the show, and completed it five of those times. He’s looking to make it six in Miami for season 10. But this course is no joke. The back half includes the challenging new Crazy Clocks obstacle followed by the incredibly touchy and difficult Stair Hopper.

Can Drew reach the buzzer? Find out in the video above!