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Watch Josh Salinas’ Dallas City Finals run

The sophomore reached his first City Finals buzzer with a top run of the night.

Josh Salinas stepped up to the American Ninja Warrior Dallas City Finals course looking to continue his strong sophomore season. Fans first met Josh in season nine, where he qualified for the National Finals and completed Stage One with the second fastest time, following only Drew Drechsel.

During the Dallas Qualifiers, Josh raced to the buzzer. His time left him in third place overall. Back for the City Finals, Josh would put up another stunning run, making it to the buzzer in under five minutes.

With his students looking on, Josh was through the Warped Wall in just about two minutes.

He showed zero hesitation moving into the back half.

The Nail Clipper was the obstacle to reach to have a chance at the National Finals. Josh put it behind him quickly.

We think Josh had one of the strongest runs through Fall Out. He managed to stop the first disk from spinning around even once.

Josh was totally stable has he pushed through the doors of the Spider Trap.

His time to the buzzer was stellar and earned him the third spot overall for the night once again.

It also sent him back to the National Finals for his second season in a row. We’ll see Josh on Stage One soon enough!