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Daniel Gil completed the Dallas City Finals course in under four minutes.

10 obstacles in 3:54.73.

There’s no other way to say it. Daniel Gil is having a perfect American Ninja Warrior season so far. As he told us previously, he’s feeling healthier than ever, and it’s definitely showing on the course.

In the Dallas Qualifiers he scored the fastest time AND $10k for completing the Mega Wall. In the City Finals, Daniel stepped up to the course as the last runner of the night. Josh Salinas and Matthew Day had both already hit the buzzer in under five minutes, setting a staggering bar to meet if Daniel wanted the top spot again.

Daniel was so relaxed on the course, he was smiling and enjoying the breeze on Crank It Up.

He was at the top of the Warped Wall in just over a minute.

Moving to the Nail Clipper in under two minutes did bump Jon Stewart out of the 15th spot.

While the Nail Clipper was a Ninja killer once again that night, Daniel didn’t pause or struggle at all on it.

It was the same story on the tricky new obstacle, Fall Out.

By the time he was on the Spider Trap, it was clear the fastest time was his.

Some how, Daniel managed to clear the course in UNDER FOUR MINUTES.

We don’t really need to point this out, but yes, he’s through to the National Finals. We cannot wait to see what he pulls off there.