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After recovering from a terrifying accident, Jeremiah Morgan smashed the Dallas City Finals course

Less than a year before the competition, he almost lost his life.

Jeremiah Morgan is an American Ninja Warrior we should all probably know a little more about. His first year was back in season six, where he competed in Dallas. He qualified for the National Finals, but was unable to compete when the day of taping fell on the Sabbath. He returned for season seven and made it all the way to Stage Three, which is definitely a small, elite club to be in.

After taking season eight off, Jeremiah returned for season nine and once again sent himself back to the National Finals. But, as Jeremiah shared this year, we didn’t see him on the course that season for a terrifying reason. While camping, Jeremiah grabbed a string of lights that had become live. He was electrocuted for almost two minutes and the situation was dire. While he was in a medically induced coma, Jeremiah’s wife was told he might be a vegetable. Remarkably, Jeremiah’s body began waking up. He had a long road to recovery, needing to learn how to walk again.

But less than a year later, he stepped up to the Dallas course for season 10. He completed the Qualifying course. He took one look at the City Finals course, and blazed a path to the buzzer, becoming the first finisher of the episode. Watching his run was just... jaw-dropping. The course was incredibly tough. Watching anyone complete it is always a thrill. But knowing Jeremiah’s journey with the show, and his experience in the past year ramped up the excitement to a whole new level.

Jeremiah took a moment to reflect back on his season for us, including discussing how he’s remained a strong competitor year after year, and what this trip to the National Finals means to him.

“I felt really great. I probably came into the competition as relaxed as I ever have. I guess with a really ‘have nothing to lose’ attitude, ultimately. As a family, we’ve kind of already gone to a point where we almost lost everything. For us, it was an easy task compared to the things we’ve gone through previously. It was more of a joy. Go out there relaxed, have fun. Win, lose, buzzer, no buzzer. Just smile and enjoy the moment.”

“When I got through the Tuning Forks (in Qualifying), I felt pretty good grip strength-wise. I wasn’t really pumped much at all. So at that point I felt like I’m about to have a shot at that 18 foot Warped Wall. I felt pretty good at that point.

The wall itself felt great. Of course it’s not something I’ve ever done before. At our barn we have a 14 and half foot tall wall. But we’ve never had anything quite that tall. While looking at it, it was daunting. But at the same time I knew it was something I could do. I was able to get my fingertips on the little round ledge, but not quite enough to hold on. It was a good shot, but no cigar.”

“My favorite memory of City Finals is hitting the buzzer, of course. My family, being down on the ground, looking up and cheering and smiling is really important to me. It was a surreal moment with what I went through. You’re not sure you’re going to get back to that form again as an athlete. It was really special to have that moment. The family cheering you on and proud of you. Whether you do well or not. It was a really great moment for our family.

The season has been a rollercoaster. It’s been a long year for my family and the things that we’ve gone through with being electrocuted. But it’s been a really blessed year. I’m really excited to be back for Vegas. Being back in the finals is exciting. I’ve only been here one other time. I’ve qualified all four times that I’ve competed. Hopefully I can do as well as I did the first time and get to Stage Three.”

“Surreal is an understatement. It feels completely unreal. I didn’t really believe that I’d be back at this spot. Right about a year ago, I was in a hospital bed fighting for me life. Now I’m back to fight the battle against Mount Midoriyama. It feels great. I feel really excited. A great challenge ahead, but at the same time just humbled and excited to get another shot.”

“When I initially came on to the course in season six, I guess I had that Daniel Gil fierceness towards the course. Just doing it for this long and going through what I’ve gone through. Learning some things on how to approach the course sometimes smarter, I think I’ve slowed down some of my tactics. I think I’m going to start trying to pick up my pace a little bit. I’m still trying to warm my body back up into the swing of things. I’m still fresh off my injury. Taking my time on getting back into that fierce and gritty way to attack the course.”

“I haven’t really changed much. All the way back in seasons six and seven I was pretty successful on the courses. I’ve always trained about the same way. You train hard. You train often. You train long. You have to do that to be able to do what we do out on the course and be successful competitively. There hasn’t been much of a change. Probably just more focus along with a light-hearted feel. I enjoy myself more. Not so much pressure.”

Jeremiah will get a chance to show the course a little more fierceness when he takes on Stage One of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals!