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What do you think of the new Archer Steps?

Take a closer look at the new starting obstacle for the City Finals.

American Ninja Warrior wanted to change things up for season 10. Some of these changes we’ve known about for awhile. Like the age limit going down to 19, or the Mega Wall and its $10k prize. With other changes, we’re just getting a look at them as we move deeper into the season.

When the City Finals episodes began with Los Angeles, we saw some changes to the front portion of the course. In past seasons there have generally been tweaks to the obstacles that were in place for the Qualifiers. But this season we’re getting two complete obstacle swaps on the front of each course.

This brings us to the Archer Steps. On each City Finals course, the classic Floating Steps are removed and replaced with this new starting obstacle.

The Floating Steps require the Ninjas to launch themselves back and forth up five ascending, slanted steps. They then use a rope to exit the obstacle to the landing pad.

The Archer Steps consist of two large, triangular panels. The panels are tilted upwards and do spin. Again, there is a rope used to exit the obstacle.

The trick with the Archer Steps is that they look simple enough, unless you hesitate for even a moment. The way the panels are angled means they’ll start spinning almost as soon as the competitor steps on them, so they have to keep moving. If a participant misses their first rope swing to the landing pad, they’ll have to try to push off the panel behind them, a panel that will spin away and sap momentum.

Tyler Golden/NBC

In the Los Angeles City Finals, the Ninjas had the obstacle worked out pretty quickly. We didn’t see any falls there. The Archer Steps will return tonight for the premiere of the Dallas City Finals at 8/7c pm and for the rest of the City Finals courses. Time will tell if it can cause any upsets.

What do you think of the new starting obstacle? Too easy? Too tricky? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.