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Matt Iseman wants us to list every Ninja nickname

We’re going to need your help on this...

Tyler Golden/NBC

I was recently in Las Vegas for the taping of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals. It was exciting, jaw-dropping, and very warm. That’s pretty much all I can say about it.

While the Ninjas and crew were sequestered away from the world, Matt Iseman asked me a question, that, upon reflection, blew my dang mind.

(Me, upon contemplating Matt’s question.)

So what deep, philosophical question did Matt pose to me? Basically it was this, “Hey, can you make a list of every Ninja name ever?”


It was like the first time you realize how small and insignificant you are in the universe. Whoa, dude. WHOA.

So, Ninja fans, maybe we can work together on this? Matt wants to see a list of every Ninja nickname EVER. Can we do it? Can we mind meld and combine our powers? I’ll kick it off with the first couple of names that occurred to me.

  • Island Ninja
  • Weatherman (Updated to remove “Ninja”)
  • Real Life Ninja
  • Flying Phoenix
  • Captain NBC
  • Papal Ninja
  • Kingdom Ninja

Ready? Head into the comments and start listing off Ninja names! I’ll pull them all together in a new article when we think we’ve named them all!