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American Ninja Warrior moves to 8/7c on Mondays

The show returns to 8pm on Monday, July 9.

Adam Bettcher/NBC

Hey Ninja Warrior fans, we’ve got ONE more programming note for you.

Starting Monday, July 9, American Ninja Warrior will debut at 8/7c on NBC. The show will remain in that time slot for the rest of the season (fingers crossed).

This is all basically just a return to the norm for fans. The show aired at 8pm on Mondays last season as well. There has been a bit of shuffling around around this year, but the show is heading back to its prime real estate.

So one more time... American Ninja Warrior is on Mondays, 8/7c. July 9 will be the Minneapolis Qualifiers.

This was a pretty quick article. Thanks for looking at it. In return, here’s that T-Rex run from season eight.