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Watch Derek Miyamoto’s LA City Finals run

Derek is enjoying a stellar sophomore season.

Derek Miyamoto has competed in Sasuke and Ninja Warrior competitions internationally, but this was only his second appearance on American Ninja Warrior. In season nine, he fell on the fifth obstacle in the Qualifying round.

Derek calls himself the Ninja ambassador and he started a program to donate equipment to Ninjas around the world. His generosity has ingrained him in the Ninja community. The sidelines were packed with supporters when he took to the course for the Los Angeles City Finals.

After surviving the Doorknob Drop, Derek completed his first American Ninja Warrior Warped Wall.

The Salmon Ladder gave him no trouble. Derek was soon deep into the Giant Cubes.

He was able to wedge himself in firmly enough that he didn’t have to tax his upper body strength through the entire obstacle.

That helped him have enough gas to handle the Baton Pass, even though one of the batons did fall into the water.

At the last obstacle, Derek dug deep and gave the Spider Trap everything he had.

Derek became one of the nine finishers of the LA City Finals course.

He was overcome with emotion after taking in what he’d just accomplished.

With that, Derek was one of the first Ninjas guaranteed to move on to the National Finals!