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Out of dozens of attempts, only six Ninjas beat the Mega Wall

Take a look back on the Mega Wall’s first season.

Bill McCay/NBC

As American Ninja Warrior closes out the Qualifiers, that means we’re closing the door on one obstacle for the season. The 18 foot Mega Wall is not in play for the City Finals. Over the course of six weeks, the Ninjas attempted to summit the new beast in the hopes of claiming the $10,000 prize.

When all was said and done, 42 Ninjas slid back down the massive wall unsuccessful. Six competitors were able to grab hold and take home the money. Take a look back on the Mega Wall’s track record.


  • 7 failed attempts
  • 1 complete attempt

Daniel Gil

Los Angeles

  • 4 failed attempts
  • 2 complete attempts

Adam Rayl

Nick Hanson


  • 5 failed attempts
  • 1 successful attempt

Ryan Stratis


  • 8 failed attempts
  • 0 successful attempts


  • 8 failed attempts
  • 2 successful attempts

Chris Wilczewski

Najee Richardson


  • 10 failed attempts
  • 0 successful attempts

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