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Jake Murray focused on obstacles, not antics, for his Ninja Warrior return

He wasn’t going to leave anything to chance this season.

Jake Murray created a reputation for himself on American Ninja Warrior by becoming sort of the class clown. He’s known for great runs with lots of antics packed in. There was backflip up the Warped Wall. The corndog dive at the National Finals. The Segway entrance at the Denver Qualifiers in season nine.

That last stunt might have proved to be just that; the last. Jake fell on only the third obstacle of that course and closed his season then and there. The memory hasn’t left him and we feel we saw a much more focused Jake on the Minneapolis Qualifiers course.

He walked up to the start line with zero fanfare and got right down to business, taking on the Floating Steps and the Double Twister.

That same focus carried into the Ring Jump, one of the most challenge obstacles of the night.

Only after that third obstacle was complete did we get a glimpse of Jake’s personality with a quick trademark pose for the crowd.

That was immediately followed by another humbling moment. Jake had a small trip on the first panel of the Diamond Dash when his foot caught the edge. He had to pour on the speed to maintain momentum, but he made it.

It was all business again on the Battering Ram.

When Jake reached the Mega Wall, he didn’t pause to set up, which left him pretty far from the top.

Again with zero pause, he ran up the Warped Wall, hitting the buzzer.

Jake’s serious strategy put him safely back into the City Finals and earned him the fifth position overall for the night. We’ll see him back on the course in a few weeks.