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Meagan Martin maintains her steady streak of City Finals appearances

This is the fifth year in a row she’s qualified.

Meagan Martin is one of the most consistent American Ninja Warrior athletes. She’s qualified for the City Finals for the past four seasons in a row. She returned for season 10 at the Minneapolis Qualifiers. There, she had her sights set on a fifth turn on the City Finals course.

But she’d face to face down some daunting obstacles to get there.

After the Floating Steps, Meagan took on the brand new Double Twister, which used momentum against the Ninjas if they couldn’t control the motions.

Then it was the Ring Jump. While this wasn’t a new obstacle, it was a massive Ninja killer in Minneapolis. Meagan kept herself out of swath of Ninjas who fell here.

She collected herself before the Diamond Dash. Meagan has a pretty good history with balance obstacles, but it’s always smart to size up an opponent.

The fifth obstacle was the grueling Battering Ram. As a professional rock climber, this wasn’t about strength for Meagan, but more technique.

When she landed just slightly off center on the third portion, the obstacle twisted and shook Meagan into the water.

While Meagan didn’t get to the buzzer, her mission was still accomplished. Her time to the obstacle put her in 22nd place over-all for the night, and in the second position for women. She was back into the City Finals for a fifth time.