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How to watch Ninja vs Ninja: Last round of the playoffs

The final four will be set after this!

Eddy Chen/USA Network

There’s only one spot left in the Ninja vs Ninja finals and these teams WANT IT. Some of the toughest teams of the season will converge in this episode. Then it’s off to the finals!

Start time:

Monday, June 11, 11 pm EST, 10 PM C, 11 PM PST


  • Team Ronin
  • Lab Rats
  • The Ballers
  • Young Bloods

Live Streaming:

USA Network Live - You will need to sign in with a cable provider.

Are you a cord-cutter? Check out this article on how to access USA Network from other streaming services.

Next Episode:

Monday, June 18. 11/10c -Season Finale!

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