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Team captain Brian Arnold on Party Time’s fight to the finals

His team beat out the Tri-Hards over five long races.

Eddy Chen/USA Network

When team Party Time (Brian Arnold, Barclay Stockett, and Jake Murray) faced the Tri-Hards in their final round of the playoffs on Ninja vs Ninja, they were in for a fight. Both teams were stacked with experienced, talented athletes who were hungry for the spot in the finals.

Read a full recap of the action here:

Aside from the strength of the opposing team, they also faced the brutal extended course which pit them against nine draining obstacles. When they had to work their way through all five possible heats, the team was exhausted.

But they were successful. In the end, Brian Arnold’s Party Time moved into the finals. We asked Brian to reflect back on that last match-up

That was a TOUGH final five rounds. What were your initial expectations of the match-up with the Tri-Hards?

BA: I knew it was going to be a war of two superpowers! Tri-Hards was the team to beat. Adam (Rayl) wins every ninja speed competition he competes in! Sean (Bryan) is an upper body machine, as seen when he crushed the salmon ladder competition on All-Stars! I do not know (Rebekah Bonilla) well but I heard rumors she was super fast!

What moment during the match-up made you the most nervous?

BA: Last relay race. I wanted to win so bad! Standing there, waiting to be tagged, the realization that this could be my last race put a fire in me!

How did you keep your team motivated through five heats when everyone was looking exhausted?

BA: We all wanted it! I just reminded them how good they were.

How did it feel to get team Party Time back into the Finals?

BA: BOOM!!! It was proof that all our hard training was not wasted.

The last round of the playoffs takes place on Monday, June 11 on USA Network!