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Ruben Arellano proved just why his grandmother calls him ‘chivo’

The rookie bounded through the course like it was his own playground.

Ruben Arellano had a very special debut on American Ninja Warrior. The nimble rookie was joined on the sidelines by his family, including his 89-year-old grandmother, Sara Groom. Growing up in the small border town of Calexico, CA, Ruben has always had a close bond with his grandmother. She even calls him “chivo” or “goat” for the way he climbs and flips.

We got to see why he earned that nickname when he approached the obstacles.

He certainly had some goat-like leaps through the Floating Steps.

Just look at how glowing and proud his grandmother was while watching him!

Ruben took a fall on the Spinning Bridge what we would have assumed would end his run. But the goat prevailed and he somehow found the landing pad.

His leaps from hook to hook on the Sky Hooks looked a bit wild, but he clung on through them all.

Just so show us he wasn’t worried, Ruben winked at the camera while starting the Doorknob Drop.

His run finally came to an end when his grip slipped at the top of the first panel.

But we haven’t seen the last of Ruben and his grandmother! He’ll return for the City Finals.