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Grant McCartney’s run ended with one small splash

If you weren’t watching closely, you might not have noticed it at first.

Grant McCartney is undoubtedly a Ninja Warrior with a big personality. Over the duration of his three seasons on the show, he’s brought many a smile to the fans through his dance moves and his quick course runs. In his return to American Ninja Warrior for season 10, we got a look at a much more serious side of Grant.

Grant shared that in the past four years he’s lost his mother, grandmother, and more recently, his step-father. This has compelled the Ninja to become closer with his younger brother Colton, and this night’s run was for him.

Even after sharing those heavy emotions, Grant was still smiling on the course.

He breezed through the first few obstacles.

His brother Colton watched on a tablet.

Grant made sure to stop and talk to his brother from the course.

On the Doorknob Drop, Grant started to look a little nervous as he eyed the landing. So many Ninjas had been taken out by this obstacle. But it look like Grant was home free. He was so close to getting out of there.

But his nerves were justified. As Grant tossed himself to the pad, he didn’t have quite enough momentum. That meant his foot just grazed the water.

Grant was out before he could attempt the Mega Wall. But the run was still good enough to put him in the City Finals.