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Kevin Bull experienced a first on the Qualifying Course

He missed the buzzer, but not his chance at the City Finals.

In Kevin Bull’s four seasons on the show, he has never failed to make it to the National Finals. He’s also never failed to complete a Qualifying course. But we all know that the obstacles don’t have feelings. Anything can happen to any competitor at any time. That’s exactly what took place at the Los Angeles Qualifiers for season 10.

After a great run down the course, Kevin faced the Doorknob Drop. This new obstacle was incredibly unpredictable, sending out some greats through the night. Kevin looked to be strong, but as he reached up for the last peg of the second board, his hand slipped.

The pressure of the fall was too much for his other hand, and he fell from the obstacle. Much to the audience’s shock.

It was his first fall in Qualifiers, but it didn’t break his streak of qualifying for the City Finals. The Bull will still be back!