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Brian Rambo burst on to the scene with the fastest run of the night

He cleared the course with a time of 2:26.54

The American Ninja Warrior Los Angeles region is usually stacked with fan favorites. There’s a large number of well-known names running the course. Many of them who push for perfection and time. Season 10 was no different.

Brian Rambo was a brand new name to the audience. He’s a 38-year-old urban farmer and dad from Arizona. But in that star-studded field, he made his presence known. He tore through the course for the fastest time of the night.

He cleared the first three obstacles in less than 30 seconds.

It kind of looked like he was grinning while crossing the Doorknob Drop, one of the hardest obstacles of the night.

Facing the Warped Wall, he still had a full minute before approaching Nicholas Coolridge’s time, which was the fastest to that point.

He took a few extra seconds to focus, but he cleared the wall in one try.

The time of the night was 2:26.54.

Welcome to American Ninja Warrior, Brian! See you at the City Finals!