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Selena Laniel will return to the City Finals after this run

She’s back at the top!

Selena Laniel has been competing on American Ninja Warrior since season four. She’s a San Diego firefighter and single mom to two teenage daughters. She’s a tough Ninja who always approaches the course with a lot of grit. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen her advance past Qualifiers in the past few seasons. Selena planned on changing that this year in Los Angeles.

After working through the Floating Steps, Jumper Cables, and Spinning Bridge, Selena faced the Sky Hooks.

On the transfer to the last hook, she barely made the landing. But “barely” kept her in the game.

Now Selena was on the fifth obstacle, farther than she’d gone in season nine. It was a notoriously hard obstacle.

In order to cause the panel to drop, she needed to grab the last knob at the very top. On her first attempt, her grip slipped off. She was able to make a second attempt, but it was a no-go.

Selena hit the water but came out pumped with excitement. Her run sent her on to the City Finals!