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This firefighter saved his family’s home and then reigned on the course

Thomas Kofron’s rookie run was the night’s first completion.

Thomas Kofron had one of the most memorable backstories of the Los Angeles Qualifiers. He’s a firefighter who had to take on one of the biggest wildfires in California’s history. When the fires threatened his parents’ home, he stayed on the property all night, alone, and fought back the flames with anything he could find.

In the end, he did it. He saved the family home. After a situation like that, you’d imagine the stress of the American Ninja Warrior course would be minor for him. And it seemed like it was. With his thankful parents watching on, he took on the obstacles.

After the Jumper Cables and the Spinning Bridge, he took a moment to let the audience know how much fun he was having.

He had one mistimed jump on the Sky Hooks, but the jolt didn’t change his grip.

He was one of the first competitors of the episode to successfully pass the Doorknob Drop.

At the sixth obstacle, he decided to skip the Mega Wall and head right to the buzzer.

It was a well-earned finish from a deserving rookie!

Thomas will return to the Los Angeles course for the City Finals.