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Watch Adam Rayl somersault his way to $10,000 in Los Angeles

The Mega Wall has fallen three times so far this season.

Adam Rayl takes his American Ninja Warrior training very seriously. He even spent nine weeks between seasons 9 and 10 living with Drew Drechsel so they could get in some intense training.

Now back for his third season, Adam shows no signs of letting up on his full-force attacks on the obstacles.

He launched himself from Sky Hook to Sky Hook with enough power that he had to duck his face out of the way.

No wonder he always leaves his mom, Vicki, looking a little stressed!

The Doorknob Drop had taken out a large portion of the competitors who reached it. Adam never paused as he traversed both panels.

Then he was at the base of the Mega Wall. He took a long look before setting himself up for his attempt.

After a deep breath, he pushed himself up the wall with room to spare.

He even managed to somersault over the ledge.

With his parents and friends celebrating below, Adam took in what he’d just accomplished.

With $10,000 in his pocket, Adam was off to a roaring start of season 10! He joined Nick Hanson as the second person to beat the Mega Wall that night. That brings the total to three, including Daniel Gil’s Mega Wall run in Dallas.