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Tiana Webberley had her sights set on defeating the fifth obstacle

On her way to that goal, she cracked the top 30!

Tiana Webberley is a powerhouse on the American Ninja Warrior course. But she had her sights set on one goal during the season 10 Los Angeles Qualifiers. For the past two seasons, she’s fallen on the fifth obstacle. Tiana wanted that Warped Wall.

Getting to the fifth obstacle was no issue for Tiana. She was steady and confident on the Sky Hooks.

Then she faced this season’s fifth obstacle: The Doorknob Drop. We had already learned through the night that it was Ninja killer. She’d have to put it all out there to beat this obstacle.

Tiana held a perfect lock-off as she rode the first drop.

As she began climbing the second panel, Tiana took a moment to shake out her grip.

The audience was screaming with excitement as she grabbed the last knob.

But the final drop was too much and Tiana fell into the water. While she wouldn’t face the Warped Wall in the City Qualifiers, she’d have another chance.

Tiana’s stellar time to the obstacle placed her in the top 30 overall that night, leaving her in a great position for her return in the City Finals.