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In just her second season, Zhanique Lovett is already a pro

Her Los Angeles Qualifying run showed she can stay calm and think through the obstacles.

Zhanique Lovett had a stellar rookie debut in season nine. During the Los Angeles Qualifiers, she made it all the way to the Warped Wall, moved on to the City Finals, and then moved on to the National Finals.

With all that under her belt, she returned for her sophomore season an experienced vet.

Zhanique bounced right through the Floating Steps and had no problems with the Jumper Cables.

It might have looked like she stumbled on the Spinning Bridge, but she charged on to the Sky Hooks. This was her first test. Zhanique’s momentum started pulling her in circles. Using her experience, she remained calm, pulled her core tight and moved through the obstacle.

As the first runner of the night, Zhanique gave us our first look at the Doorknob Drop. This thing was brutal. Several of the handles would rotate as she climbed.

Zhanique was so close to the top of the first panel. In order to trigger the drop and go forward she had to grab that final knob.

With all her strength, Zhanique grabbed it, but the sharp jolt of the drop sent her into the water.

Zhanique was all smiles as she climbed out of the pool. Her time to that obstacle put her in the top five women, bringing her back for the City Finals.