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What you didn’t see: Los Angeles Qualifiers

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The Doorknob Drop took out over a quarter of the field of competitors.

Tyler Golden/NBC

The American Ninja Warrior Los Angeles Qualifiers featured 100 Ninjas in total. Just like we saw on the episode, the Doorknob Drop was the night’s most deadly obstacle, taking out 27 competitors. But a much more exciting number is two. That’s how many Ninjas completed the Mega Wall.

  • Number of competitors: 100
  • Falls on Floating Steps: 9
  • Falls on Jumper Cables: 22
  • Falls on Spinning Bridge: 17
  • Falls on Sky Hooks: 15
  • Falls on Doorknob Drop: 27
  • Fails on the Warped Wall: 0
  • Completions: 10
  • Mega Wall attempts: 4
  • Mega Wall completions: 2

Read a recap of the episode here.

Here you can find a list of the Ninjas moving on to the City Finals.

Tyler Golden/NBC

Here are all the competitors, and where they completed their runs

Please note: These are unofficial results based on witnessing the competition first hand. If you think I’ve miss-recorded something, let me know in the comments! Additionally, names are organized by obstacle and listed in no particular order beyond that.

  • Dennis Ruelas: Floating Steps
  • Kimberly Billington: Floating Steps
  • Paul Centonze: Floating Steps
  • Roxanne Shipley: Floating Steps
  • Chris O’Connell: Floating Steps
  • Eric Small: Floating Steps
  • Nina Flavin: Floating Steps
  • Claire Bukowski: Floating Steps
  • Elizabeth Swaney: Floating Steps
  • Phil Jamison: Jumper Cables
  • Jake Dyke: Jumper Cables
  • Anna Christensen: Jumper Cables
  • James Jones: Jumper Cables
  • Dan Weecks: Jumper Cables
  • Jorden Shimizu: Jumper Cables
  • Sara Mudallal: Jumper Cables
  • Mike Harrison: Jumper Cables
  • Natalie Duran: Jumper Cables
  • Haneef Munir: Jumper Cables
  • Jesus Pacheco: Jumper Cables
  • Nicole Hatcher: Jumper Cables
  • Timothy Schnee: Jumper Cables
  • Kahlil Dupuis: Jumper Cables
  • Brandon Peav: Jumper Cables
  • Bijan Nowroozian: Jumper Cables
  • Steve Richardson: Jumper Cables
  • Steve Osborne: Jumper Cables
  • Jordan Gamboa: Jumper Cables
  • Michael Larlee: Jumper Cables
  • Stephen Seiver: Jumper Cables
  • Chris Hartung: Jumper Cables
  • Thomas Paul Baroody: Spinning Bridge
  • Joe Spencer-McDaniel: Spinning Bridge
  • Anthony Ramirez: Spinning Bridge
  • Ben Ginger: Spinning Bridge
  • William Johnson: Spinning Bridge
  • Kevin DeBruin: Spinning Bridge
  • Milton Nkunku: Spinning Bridge
  • Brandon Dodson: Spinning Bridge
  • Christopher Vigil: Spinning Bridge
  • Benjamin Humphrys: Spinning Bridge
  • Troy Helming: Spinning Bridge
  • Nikkilette Wright: Spinning Bridge
  • Andrew Plescia: Spinning Bridge
  • Christine Ahn: Spinning Bridge
  • Wilson Kennedy: Spinning Bridge
  • Jared Carlson: Spinning Bridge
  • Brian Dillard: Spinning Bridge
  • Daniel Moreno: Sky Hooks
  • Charles Zimmerman: Sky Hooks
  • Greg Moe: Sky Hooks
  • Sean Wood: Sky Hooks
  • Eric Botsford: Sky Hooks
  • Samantha Bush: Sky Hooks
  • Eric Fallecker: Sky Hooks
  • Christopher: Crary: Sky Hooks
  • Nohea Tumale: Sky Hooks
  • Matthew Johnson: Sky Hooks
  • Dakota Schuetz: Sky Hooks
  • Jake Dalton: Sky Hooks
  • Riles Nganga: Sky Hooks
  • Kerry Meehan: Sky Hooks
  • Ryan Arroyo: Sky Hooks
  • Jeremy Rivette: Doorknob Drop
  • Austin Seibert: Doorknob Drop
  • Brian Neal: Doorknob Drop
  • Rich Laru: Doorknob Drop
  • Cody Johnston: Doorknob Drop
  • Nathan DeHaan: Doorknob Drop
  • Kevin Bull: Doorknob Drop
  • Ruben Arellano: Doorknob Drop
  • Westley Silvestri: Doorknob Drop
  • Zhanique Lovett: Doorknob Drop
  • Scott Willson: Doorknob Drop
  • Tiana Webberley: Doorknob Drop
  • Joe Mardovich: Doorknob Drop
  • Selena Laniel: Doorknob Drop
  • Gabe Hurtado: Doorknob Drop
  • Verdale Benson: Doorknob Drop
  • Derek Miyamoto: Doorknob Drop
  • Brock Taylor: Doorknob Drop
  • Chad Mason: Doorknob Drop
  • Jesse Orenshein: Doorknob Drop
  • Flip Rodriguez: Doorknob Drop
  • Anna Shumaker: Doorknob Drop
  • Anthony Trucks: Doorknob Drop
  • Grant McCartney: Doorknob Drop
  • Davyon Hancox: Doorknob Drop
  • Eric Nelson: Doorknob Drop
  • Tylor Schlorf: Doorknob Drop
  • Thomas Kofron: Complete 14’6”
  • Brian Kretsch: Complete 14’6”
  • Brian Rambo: Complete 14’6”
  • Josh Levin: Complete 14’6”
  • Sean Brian: Mega Wall attempt - Complete 14’6”
  • Nicholas Coolridge: Mega Wall attempt - Complete 14’6”
  • Spencer Clapp: Mega Wall attempt - Complete 14’6”
  • David Campbell: Mega Wall attempt - Complete 14’6”
  • Adam Rayl: Complete - Mega Wall
  • Nick Hanson: Complete - Mega Wall

Updated: Josh Levin did not attempt the Mega Wall.