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Nick Hanson was the first to topple the Mega Wall in Los Angeles

After training in the bitter cold, he was more than ready.

Nick Hanson trains on homemade obstacles built from the driftwood he finds near his home in Unakaleet, Alaska. Sometimes he has to train in negative 20 degree weather to make sure he’s reaching his Ninja goals.

Well, guess what, Nick? It’s WORKING. Watch him tear through the LA course, which was all decked out for Jurassic World night. He stayed strong through the difficult new Doorknob Drop, until he stood at the base of the Mega Wall.

Nick’s Warped Wall at home is only 16 feet high. That’s two feet shorter than the one he now faced.

But, WHOA, did he make it look easy! Nick had both hands on the ledge and it even looked like he had a few extra inches to spare. That move put Nick into the Los Angeles City Finals and gave him a lovely $10,000 to start the season.

Later in the evening, fellow Ninja Adam Rayl would also complete the Mega Wall. We knew the Ninjas would figure this beast out quickly!