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10 things we learned about Barclay Stockett from the Ninjababes podcast

She wanted to be a firefighter as a kid!

Barclay Stockett/Instagram

Cara Poalilo is a Ninja Warrior herself and the creator behind Ninjababes. Ninjababes is a podcast and online community dedicated to celebrating the female athletes of the sport. In the past, she’s interviewed Ninjas like Michelle Warnky, Jessie Graff and Maggi Thorne.

Cara’s latest podcast features Barclay Stockett. Barclay just appeared on the Dallas Qualifying episode of American Ninja Warrior, and she’s also currently on Ninja vs Ninja as a part of team Party Time.

Here are 10 fast facts we learned about Barclay from the podcast. But you should definitely check out the full interview!

  1. She started gymnastics at 12 years old. Before that her sport was just playing and climbing.
  2. Like Jessie Graff, she wanted to be a circus performer. Parkour and trapeze led her to Ninja.
  3. She was living in South Africa when everyone started tagging her in Kacy’s season six videos. She’d never seen the show before that.
  4. The first Warped Wall she completed was at Sam Sann’s gym in Texas. She was only the second woman to ever clear that wall.
  5. She’s one of six siblings. Wresting with her older siblings helped her grow up strong.
  6. When she was a kid, she wanted to be a firefighter.
  7. Through her work with Alpha Warrior, she got to put on a fire suit and put out some fires in Germany.
  8. Her advice for women about putting themselves out there is, “Follow peace and keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities.”
  9. Kacy Catanzaro called Barclay to offer her the position with Alpha Warrior.
  10. She’s learned to give herself a break. She’s careful not to push herself so hard that it’s not fun anymore.