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Watch Chad Riddle’s Philadelphia Qualifying run

The Kindergarten teacher was flooded with emotions on the course.

The Philadelphia Qualifiers was kindergarten teacher Chad Riddle’s second time on American Ninja Warrior. He had a few gap years though. The last time he competed was in season six. He was convinced he was going to the National Finals, and told his parents to plan a trip for Las Vegas. His early exit meant they didn’t get to see him run in person.

Back for season 10 with his mom on the sidelines, Chad wore a shirt decorated with the names and drawings of his students.

After zipping through the Floating Steps and the Spinning Bowties, Chad had a clean trip across the Broken Bridge.

His strategy on the Wingnuts kept him close to each handle and easily able to make the transfers.

Then it was the brand new Lightning Bolts. Up to this point of the episode, we hadn’t seen anyone clear the obstacle. Chad focused in on making sure each end of his bar stayed even and steady.

He was the first to clear the new obstacle and face the Warped Wall! Chad skipped the Mega Wall and headed right for the 14’6” wall.

He grabbed the edge in one attempt.

Chad hit the buzzer more than once and was flooded with emotions. He was the first of the episode to clear the course!

His mom will get to watch him again in the Philadelphia City Finals in a few weeks!