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Chris Wilczewski’s comeback was like something out of a movie

Nothing was going to stop Chris on this course.

Chris Wilczewski is a fixture on American Ninja Warrior. He had competed every year since since season two. That made his absence during season nine very noticeable.

Chris returned for season 10 and before he ran the Philadelphia course, we learned the terrifying reason he’d missed a season. In 2016, Chris was swept into a stormy Lake Michigan by a rogue wave. He struggled for his life for 30 minutes until he was found by a surfer. The traumatizing ordeal left Chris with anxiety attacks and PTSD. He spent the duration of season nine taking the time to focus on his health.

When Chris decided he would return to American Ninja Warrior, he also decided that he was going to absolutely own the course.

There was just a different look in Chris’ eyes when he stared down the obstacles from the starting line.

He was all grit during every challenge.

Between obstacles, he was almost sprinting. Chris wasn’t taking any breaks.

The Lightning Bolt was one of the most challenging parts of the course. Chris barely broke his pace.

When Chris reached the Mega Wall the look on his face said he was about to obliterate the thing.

We wish we had this moment in slow motion. Chris let out a battle cry as he charged the wall that gave us chills.

We can’t imagine what Chris must have felt when he grabbed the edge.

He hit the buzzer so hard we’re surprised he didn’t break it. It felt like we were witnessing a moment of total catharsis.

Chris announced his return with the fastest time of the night and a $10,000 prize.