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Allyssa Beird delivered once again in Philadelphia

Watch her full run here.

One of the most anticipated runs of the American Ninja Warrior Philadelphia Qualifiers was Allyssa Beird’s return. In her debut season (8), Allyssa qualified for the City Finals in Philadelphia. During season nine, Allyssa went farther than any other woman. She cleared Stage One and fell on the Criss Cross Salmon Ladder on Stage Two.

As one of the top Ninjas overall, everyone was anxious to see what she could do on this course. Allyssa did not disappoint.

She was all smiles after her quick jaunt across the Broken Bridge.

The Wingnuts were a Ninja Killer last season. This year, veterans like Allyssa have them all figured out.

New obstacle Lightning Bolts sent Ninjas swimming left and right. Not Allyssa though. Her mom (who had just run the course herself!) and dad watched with pride from the sidelines.

In season nine, Allyssa was the first woman to clear a Qualifying course. This year, it looked like she wanted the Mega Wall along with her buzzer. She came up a bit short on her attempt.

She quickly cleared the 14’6” Mega Wall to earn her second consecutive Qualifying completion.

With that, Allyssa was back in the Philadelphia City Finals!