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Philadelphia Qualifiers: What you didn’t see

The brand new Lightning Bolts were no joke.

Bill McCay/NBC

The American Ninja Warrior Philadelphia Qualifiers doubled down in the making history department. Three women made it to the buzzer and two Ninjas beat the Mega Wall. The city also brought its own challenges. The clouds dumped buckets of rain on the course, so in total, 85 Ninjas tried the obstacles before things got too wet.

Here’s a recap of the episode.

Find all the Ninjas moving on to the City Finals here.

The new Lightning Bolts were definitely a difficult obstacle. Check out how the falls broke down.

  • Number of competitors: 85
  • Fails on Floating Steps: 5
  • Fails on Spinning Bowties: 17
  • Fails on Broken Bridge: 15
  • Fails on Wingnuts: 14
  • Fails on Lightning Bolts: 22
  • Mega Wall failed attempts: 8
  • Mega Wall completions: 2
  • Course completions: 12
Bill McCay/NBC

Here are all the competitors, and where they completed their runs

Please note: These are unofficial results based on witnessing the competition first hand. If you think I’ve miss-recorded something, let me know in the comments! Additionally, names are organized by obstacle and listed in no particular order beyond that.

  • Gretchen Simms: Floating steps
  • Miles Avery: Floating Steps
  • Megan Johnson: Floating Steps
  • Anthony DeFranco: Floating Steps
  • Maryam Ganjour: Floating Steps
  • Joshua Fogel: Spinning Bowties
  • Randi Cowper: Spinning Bowties
  • Ariel Vargas: Spinning Bowties
  • Stuart Warshawer: Spinning Bowties
  • Ian Nance: Spinning Bowties
  • D’Angelo Lewis: Spinning Bowties
  • Trina Lisko: Spinning Bowties
  • Nick Green: Spinning Bowties
  • Daria Beird: Spinning Bowties
  • Kristine Eder: Spinning Bowties
  • Rich Frejomil: Spinning Bowties
  • Melody Schofield: Spinning Bowties
  • Scott Low: Spinning Bowties
  • Perry Madison: Spinning Bowties
  • Daniel Santos: Spinning Bowties
  • Kevin Liang: Spinning Bowties
  • Kellsea Phillips: Spinning Bowties
  • Eric Totten: Broken Bridge
  • Alexandra Mack: Broken Bridge
  • Marcos Colon-Pappaterra: Broken Bridge
  • Carl Fantauzzo: Broken Bridge
  • Alexi Matousek: Broken Bridge
  • Paulina Sterpe: Broken Bridge
  • Junior Gutierrez: Broken Bridge
  • Helen Lin: Broken Bridge
  • Dani Malkin: Broken Bridge
  • Joshua Vigo: Broken Bridge
  • Yurel Echezarreta: Broken Bridge
  • Melia Ochsner: Broken Bridge
  • Jade Buford: Broken Bridge
  • Joshua Williams: Broken Bridge
  • Candace Rubenstein: Broken Bridge
  • Julien McConnell: Wingnuts
  • Jason Avant: Wingnuts
  • Josh Shriber: Wingnuts
  • Peter Chang: Wingnuts
  • McKinley Pierce: Wingnuts
  • Zack McGill: Wingnuts
  • Annika Nieshalla: Wingnuts
  • Garen Lara: Wingnuts
  • Alexa Marcigliano: Wingnuts
  • Mark Antioquia: Wingnuts
  • Angela Gargano: Wingnuts
  • Daniel Eiskant: Wingnuts
  • Christopher Gabayan: Wingnuts
  • Jovanny Hernandez: Wingnuts
  • James Bartholomew: Lightning Bolts
  • Lucas Reale: Lightning Bolts
  • Brian Pease: Lightning Bolts
  • Ryan Lee: Lightning Bolts
  • Nickolas Kupper: Lightning Bolts
  • Chris Fantauzzo: Lightning Bolts
  • Angel Rodriguez: Lightning Bolts
  • Tyler Waters: Lightning Bolts
  • Paul Ruggeri III: Lightning Bolts
  • John Uga: Lightning Bolts
  • Darion Bennett: Lightning Bolts
  • Logan Kreglow: Lightning Bolts
  • Andrew Sherk: Lightning Bolts
  • Gavin Ross: Lightning Bolts
  • Christian DeRubeis: Lightning Bolts
  • Alex Nye: Lightning Bolts
  • Zach Day: Lightning Bolts
  • Cara Poalillo: Lightning Bolts
  • Ryan Carson: Lightning Bolts
  • Billy Sgro: Lightning Bolts
  • Shawn Johnson: Lightning Bolts
  • Cody Coppola: Lightning Bolts
  • Casey Rothschild: Complete 14’6”
  • Chad Riddle: Complete 14’6”
  • Matt Strollo: Mega Wall attempt, complete 14’6”
  • Dave Cavanagh: Mega Wall attempt, complete 14’6”
  • Mike Bernardo: Mega Wall attempt, complete 14’6”
  • Allyssa Beird: Mega Wall attempt, complete 14’6”
  • James McGrath: Mega Wall attempt, complete 14’6”
  • Jamie Rahn: Mega Wall attempt, complete 14’6”
  • Judas Licciardello: Mega Wall attempt, complete 14’6”
  • Michelle Warnky: Mega Wall attempt, complete 14’6”
  • Chris Wilczewski: Complete, Mega Wall!
  • Najee Richardson: Complete, Mega Wall!