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Give us your Philadelphia Qualifiers predictions!

The city has a LOT to live up to.

Bill McCay/NBC

We’re anxiously awaiting the debut of the American Ninja Warrior Philadelphia Qualifiers. (Which is on Monday, June 25 9/8c, BTW.) The Ninjas will have to pull out all the stops to match the last time the show was in Philly. In season eight, history was made in a couple of ways. Michelle Warnky, Jesse Labreck, Allyssa Beird, and Rachael Goldstein all qualified for the City Finals. In the City Finals, no one was able to hit the buzzer for the first time ever.

So can the city make history again? What are your thoughts?

  • Who will head for the Mega Wall and will they make it?
  • Will any fan-favorites take early falls?
  • How many course completions can we expect?

Get in the comments section and tell us your thoughts!