Do Ninjas get an Appearance Fee? How do Ninjas get slotted in different qualifying cities?

As a long time fan of ANW I have a number of questions that I hope real in the know fans can answer.

I note that the real headliners show up at multiple venues just to cheer on fellow Ninjas even if they are not competing which leads me to question whether the top men and women are paid appearance fees for competing? If the top competitors are getting appearance fees is it enough to make a living being a real life Ninja?

The qualifying venues of ANW have different courses, and I wonder do the top competitors get to choose which venue they will run in, or do the producers control which headliners go to which venues?

The eighteen foot wall is the first time that a money amount has been attached to something other the million dollar prize if one competitor can complete the entire challenge. Do competitors get any prize money for completing a course and hitting a buzzer?

Given how much money that NBC must be making I think it only fair that the competitors get some kind of money for making the show.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help fill in the blanks, and much praise to those attempting to walk on because I would be pretty sure that until you establish yourself the producers are not going to pay bus fare.

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