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Travis Rosen adds to his collection of buzzers

This 43 year old is the new Mr. Consistency

Michael Hickey/NBC

Travis Rosen may be 43 years old, but this Ninja veteran is holding his own against competitors less than half of his age! With his family on the sidelines, Travis continued to amaze on the difficult Indianapolis qualifying course. Don’t believe me? Check out the video for yourself!

Travis is no stranger to obstacles like the Wheel Flip. His gymnastics background gives him a great mix of grip strength and body control.

Block Run had been a Ninja killer in Indianapolis, but Travis made it look easy as he bounded across this tricky balance obstacle.

Much like the fans at home, Travis’s daughter is feeling very invested in her father’s performance on the Spin Hopper. Don’t worry, he’s going to be OK!

Travis took his shot at the Mega Wall, an obstacle that just four Ninjas have cleared through the first four episodes.

It’s all smiles for Travis after another successful buzzer smash. Be sure to watch for him in the City Finals as he tries to continue his unbelievable streak of Vegas qualifying performances!