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Watch Isaac Caldiero’s return to the Ninja Warrior course

The champion has his sights set on ALL the buzzers.

It’s been two seasons since Isaac Caldiero walked away from American Ninja Warrior with $1 million in his pocket. Season seven was the banner year when he was dubbed the first American Ninja Warrior champion.

He stepped away from the spotlight for awhile after that. But it was announced back in April that Isaac was ready for a comeback. The much-anticipated moment came during the Indianapolis Qualifiers. And he’s still got it!

Dressed like he was about to go for a stroll, Isaac took a casual approach to the course.

The first grip-strength test came at the Wheel Flip. Since Isaac hasn’t stopped rock climbing since we last saw him, he passed this with ease.

Smartly, he took a moment before Block Run. Balance obstacles are no joke no matter how experienced you are.

Back into his wheelhouse, he navigated the Spin Hopper with confidence.

As he began the descent, he looked out to the crowd with a face that said, “Can you believe this?”

Isaac went for the Mega Wall, but it was JUST beyond his grasp.

The 14’6” wall was barely a hurdle after that.

With that, Isaac pressed the first buzzer of his comeback season.

He gave a little wink to Matt and Akbar, after saying there were five more buzzers in his future.

Isaac will move to make good on that promise when he returns for the Indianapolis City Finals in a few weeks.