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Your Preview for the Ninja vs Ninja Finale

Prepare for the epic conclusion.

Eddy Chen/USA Network

After months of photo finishes, bold strategies and breathtaking moments, the final episode of American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja is here!

American Ninja Warrior Nation Site Manager Nikki Lee caught up with sideline host Alex Curry to get her insights on the four teams competing in the championship. Who better to give us her takes than the woman with the best seat in the house?

We’ve provided even more details about the squads hunting for the trophy with our preview below.

Iron Grip

Daniel Gil, Tiana Webberley, Mathis Owhadi

Iron Grip is the youngest team in the championship round (they literally have “the kid” on their team!), but be careful not to underestimate this group’s experience. These are three of the most talented Ninjas in the country and, as we’ve already seen on ANW10, they can turn heads on the course with fast times. Gil and Webberely were the top finishers in their city qualifying rounds.

Eddy Chen/USA Network

Another interesting wrinkle for Iron Grip will be Tiana Webberely’s first race against her former squad. Webberley competed with Flip and JJ on Team Ronin the first two seasons on Team Ninja, but now she will be trying to defeat them alongside her new teammates.

Team Ronin

Flip Rodriguez, Meagan Martin, JJ Woods

Team Ronin was the last team to punch their ticket to the championship, but they also may be the most dangerous. All three of these Ninjas are seasoned pros who have competed on every season of team ninja. Plus, they each have multiple trips to the National Finals in Las Vegas. Meagan Martin has been the team’s star to date as she has yet to lose an individual match-up. Most recently, she had an epic showdown with the Lab Rat’s Michelle Warnky and became just the second woman to conquer the extended course.

While Ronin’s individual accomplishments are well documented, what has really given this team an edge in the qualifying rounds has been their work as a unit. In the relay portion of competition, Team Ronin has yet to lose a race and they’ve used that consistency to overcome 2-1 deficits against The Ballers and Hashtag Ninjas. If you are going to knock this team out, you need to bring it for the relays.

Eddy Chen/USA Network

Labreckfast Club

Jesse Labreck, Jon Alexis, Chris Digangi

From their very first appearance, Labreckfast club has looked like a team on a mission. This trio didn’t lose a single race in their debut episode with a 6-0 record. Each of these Ninjas flashed some serious track speed on the course. The Giant Jon Alexis used his big wing span to fly to some critical wins.

But somehow this team looked even more impressive when they jumped to the relays. Taking on a dangerous squad in Team Wolfpack, Labreckfast Club found themselves locked in a knock-out race to decide their fate. Both Jon and Chris had looked a bit uncomfortable on the Zig Zag Climb so Jesse Labreck moved into the anchor spot – mere minutes after she became the first woman to finish that obstacle. The coaching move worked as Jesse held off a charge from Ian Dory to clinch a spot in the championship.

This is a group that trusts each other and is used to making history. Will that be the formula needed to capture the championship trophy?

Party Time

Brian Arnold, Barclay Stockett, Jake Murray

Party Time is no stranger to the championship stage. In the first season of Team Ninja Warrior, Brian Arnold and Jake Murray helped lead Party Time to the show’s inaugural victory. After a surprising early exit last year, this team is back within striking distance of the trophy, showcasing some of their signature upper body strength on these obstacles.

One of their biggest x-factors this season has been Barclay Stockett who has looked near unbeatable when she’s hit the course. As a newcomer to the team, she didn’t get to share in the celebration during Party Time’s prior title run so she will be hungry for the gold on Monday night. Will this trio stand atop the podium? Or will it be another squad’s time to party?

Who do you think will win the American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja title? Let us know your picks and be sure to tune in Monday night to find out if you were right!